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6.000 to 6.999 Runs
      NameComboType of HeadsC.I.E.T. 1/41/4 mphTop mphE.T. 1/81/8 mphWeightLocation / DateLast Updated
1Mike Cooper'68 Firebird ProChargerTiger4826.22214.25216.793.994176.26-Norwalk 2019-
2Rodney Butler'63 LeMans Twin 91 mm TurboChargerEdelbrock4826.278228.11-4.122180.332720Norwalk 2010Video of Run
3Justin Shearer "Big Chief"Firebird Twin 88 mm TurboChargerEdelbrock4826.361226.47-4.208176.772650Indy 2016Video of Run
4John Welter'68 Firebird 117 mm TurboChargerEdelbrock WP-6.408206.64-4.19178.80-Cordova IL Oct 2014-
5Tommy Youmans'70 GTO Twin 98 mm TurbochargerKRE Warp 65056.469153.39-3.956191.272900March 2020-
6Curt GeiseTwin TurboCharger--6.603214.98-4.301702730--
7Bill Mellott'65 GTO Screw BlowerWarp 64966.667183.99-4.293172.592900-Video of Run
8Ben Wilkinson67 Firebird Twin 88 mm TurboChargerEdelbrock4556.82198----Norwalk 2018Video of Run
9Mark Kauffman'97 Firebird 1471 BlowerKRE Billet5056.84204.57---2910Norwalk 2014Video of Run
10Marty Palbykin'70 GTO Twin TurboChargerIron D Ports
Stock Block
4066.95195---2950US 131 Michigan 1996-
11Tony Oliveira - SikGoat'69 GTO ProChargerVisner Mirrored Canted Valve5116.989199-4.56162.23650MIR 2018 WCSikGoat youtube channel
12Scott RexFirebird NitrousTiger5656.98198.75-4.48157.6024502019-

7.000 to 7.999 Runs
      NameComboType of HeadsC.I.E.T. 1/41/4 mphTop mphE.T. 1/81/8 mphWeightLocation / DateLast Updated
1Mark Kauffman'09 GXP N/AKRE Warp 65357.026195.11199.37--2130Oct 2013Video 7.027 Run
2Tyler ShenukNitrousTiger-7.08192-4.541542400Great Lakes Oct. 2019-
3Bill Krech'00 Trans AMEdelbrock-7.155193.82----Earlville Iowa Sept 2012-
4Joe Perkins'07 GTO N/AWarp 65597.207183.391874.607151.662180Norwalk 2017-
5Shane Molinari'68 Lemans 8-71 BlowerKRE HP5407.239188.96---2550Las Vegas Nov 2019-
6Brad Smuland'96 Firebird TurboChargedKRE HP5057.317187.03---2725Norwalk 2007-
7Michael Campolucci'07 GTO N/AKRE HP5357.361184.57-4.699146.982,150Grand Bend Motorplex Ontario, Canada Oct. 18, 2009-
8Frank Gostyla'02 Grand AM N/ATiger5417.377182.67-4.705147.292290--
9Gary Cygan'70 GTO N/AVisner Symmetrical Canted Valve5407.413182.87-4.750143.64-Norwalk 2016Video of 7.465 Run
10Brian Hedrick - bad69bird'69 Firbird ProChargerCV14807.497179.59-4.809147.653370MIR WC 2019Video of Run
11Ed Page - RAIV-Z'69 Firebird Twin 88 mm TurboChargedDCI RAV5357.499186.00-4.872148.793640New England Dragway
August 31st 2019

Raven youtube channel
12Dan Sweeney'00 Firebird NitrousEdelbrock5417.50186----2550-
      NameComboType of HeadsC.I.E.T. 1/41/4 mphTop mphE.T. 1/81/8 mphWeightLocation / DateLast Updated
13John Langer'69 Firebird N/ATiger5757.54180-4.833145.442900MIR 2019 WC-
14Eric Larson, Mike Garblik - Grocery Getter'63 4-door Station Wagon NitrousTiger5417.57182-4.88147.1729702009-
15Roger Ibbotson'69 GTO Roots blower525KRE HP7.59175-4.88-3300--
16John Snyder'65 GTO N/ATiger-7.59178----MIR 2018 WC-
17Maurizio CampolucciN/AKRE HP5357.60179----July 10-
18David Butler'96 Firebird NitrousEdelbrock-7.61178------
19Dick Fulton'69 Firebird NitrousCV15417.62180---3140Norwalk 2016-
20Jim Thompson - twooldgoats'63 Tempest 1071 BlowerWenzler Super Chief4757.67181.59-4.95143.673000Phoenix 2/18
Video 7.75 Run
21Jack Gaydosh'00 Firebird N/ATiger5357.682180.09----Cecil County MD 11-06-
22Jimmy Jammel'92 Firebird--7.6x----23652019-
23Derrick Ford'69 GTO NitrousKRE Warp 65357.687127.91-4.528158.673050--
24Jim Yanoski'00 Firebird NitrousIron D Ports-7.708172.9------
      NameComboType of HeadsC.I.E.T. 1/41/4 mphTop mphE.T. 1/81/8 mphWeightLocation / DateLast Updated
25Mark PickettN/AKRE Warp 6-7.71171------
26David Debono'63 Lemans N/A-5407.718178.83----Norwalk 2019-
27Chris ShenukNitrousTiger5407.73181----May 2009-
28Tom Seelman - Cosgrove'69 Firebird NitrousEdelbrock WP5367.75173-4.921423200October 2016 Cordova IL-
29Jeff Kinsler'68 Firebird NitrousEdelbrock5007.77169-4.85145.933180MIR 2016 WC-
30Tom Kilroy - grnmnstr'01 P/S Grand AM N/ATiger5357.776175.94---2375ATCO 2016-
31"Lil" Jack Pumphrey'65 GTO NitrousVisner Symmetrical Canted Valve-7.779129.32-4.613153.143120Capital May 2019-
32Dwight Ausmus'72 Firebird N/ATiger5707.88174-5.051402975--
33Keith Korpe / Ed Dufrene96 Trans Am--7.854174.37----2007-
34John Hill'52 PontiacWarp 65407.88171---2500--
35Elliott Pickett63 Tempest Wagon N/AKRE HP5407.919169.85170.365.056138.742700Cecil County 2012-
36Mike Leech'68 Firebird N/AEdelbrock-7.958171.05-5.094137.533070MDIR Nov 2016-
      NameComboType of HeadsC.I.E.T. 1/41/4 mphTop mphE.T. 1/81/8 mphWeightLocation / DateLast Updated
37GTO George Zimnicky'74 GTO 871 BlowerKRE HP5257.983169.36170.x5.109140.913200Norwalk 2019-

3.000 to 4.999 1/8 Mile Runs
This table is for those who race mostly 1/8 mile and have a better 1/8 mile et than from their Best 1/4 mile et or may not even have 1/4 mile et.
      NameComboType of HeadsC.I.E.T. 1/81/8 mphTop mphWeightLocation / DateLast Updated
1Tommy Youmans'70 GTO Twin 98 mm TurbochargerKRE Warp 65053.949189.26191.272900March 2020-
2Justin Shearer "Big Chief"Firebird Twin 88 mm TurboChargerEdelbrock4823.994188.21-2820No Mercy 7 2016Video of Run
3Mark Kauffman'97 Firebird 1471 BlowerKRE5054.356165.97-2910Sept 2009-
4Derrick Ford'69 GTO NitrousKRE Warp 65354.528158.67-3050--
5"Lil" Jack Pumphrey'65 GTO NitrousVisner Symmetrical Canted Valve-4.539155-3120--
6Tony Oliveira - SikGoat'69 GTO ProChargerVisner Mirrored Canted Valve5114.541162.82162.923650-SikGoat youtube channel
7Jeff Kinsler'68 Firebird NitrousTiger5404.605152.68-3090Virginia Motorsports Park Sept, 2020-
8Ray CoxNitrous--4.79-147.54-No Mercy 9 2018-
9John Valentino'78 Pontiac-5404.83144.35-3170--
10Ed McGuinn'00 Firebird Trans AM Nitrous-5354.873152.73155.11-YB 2019-

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