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Fuel Injector Flow Data     [10-20-21]
Fuel Injector
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A Computer Program designed for the motor sports enthusiast. Performance software that does the math for YOU. Handy Car Formulas for high performance math that will help you to analyze your (Street / Drag Racing, Circle Track, Oval Track, Road Racing, Off-Road) Car / Motorcycle / Kart / Engine and chassis needs, and improve performance. American or Metric Input (This is some what Limited). The menus are straightforward and "fill-in-the-blanks" data entry will get your answer. The most important thing to remember is that the more accurate your input to the program, the more accurate the answer will be. Although some examples may show only one or two decimal places the program will accept however many you key in, but any more then seven will not hold accuracy. Calculates engine displacement, Bore Stroke ratio, Rod Stroke ratio, Piston Speed, compression ratio, air and fuel flow, rear end gear ratio, shift RPM, 1/4 mile et and MPH, 60 foot MPH and G's, a change in Horsepower from a change in weather, or altitude, or adding blower pressure, Carburetor size in CFM, Carburetor size in CFM for blown engine, Blower Drive Ratio and RPM, Pressure Ratio, Intercooler Efficiency, Intercooler Density Ratio, Compressed Air Temperature, Blower Density Ratio, Compressor Inlet Flow in CFM, Drive Wheel Torque, Aerodynamic drag / HP Loss, Acceleration and Top Speed Prediction, Horse power Prediction from MPH's and Times, rollout distance, tire growth, trans power loss, shift rpm, shift time, % rear end power loss, % converter slippage, coefficient of drag (CD), launch rpm, Horse power Prediction from RPM's and Times, Est. Frontal Area, Carburetor jet size or bypass jet size change based on change in weather, Air filter size, Vapor Pressure, Dew Point, Saturation Vapor Pressure, Density Altitude, Dyno Air Correction Factor, Air Density Percent, Air Density, Lap Speed (MPH) over measured distance from distance and time, Lap time over measured distance from distance and Lap Speed, skid pad G's, Coil Spring Stiffness / Rate, Wire Diameter, Number of Active Coils, Mean Diameter of Coils, Modulus of Rigidity, Number of Coils, Solid Height, Torsion Bar Stiffness / Rate, Torsion Bar Diameter, Sway Bar Stiffness / Rate, Leaf Spring Rate, Camshaft duration needed from compression ratio, Exhaust/Muffler(s) Airflow for no Horsepower lose, Piston Travel, Crank Rod angle, Rod Bore angle and Cylinder volume over piston vs. Crank Rotation, Crankshaft revs per Second Crankshaft Degrees at which rod and crank are 90 Degrees, bearing speed, Rotation Time of crankshaft per degree in Milliseconds, crankpin load, Rotation Time of crankshaft per rev in Milliseconds, crankpin force, Max RPM from Piston Speed, Needed Combustion Chamber Volume, Needed Chamber (Total) Volume, Needed Dome Volume, piston deck height, Block Deck Height, Piston Compression Height, BMEP from Horsepower and RPM, BMEP from Torque, EFI injector size in lbs/hr / Fuel pump flow - from Horsepower, Change in EFI rating from fuel pressure change, duty cycle, fuel pump flow, Compression Gauge reading for a given engine size, Compression ratio from Compression Gauge reading, adjusted/effective compression ratio, Dynamic Compression Ratio, Est. Gasoline Octane Needed, a number of these let you use wrist pin offset, Average rate of acceleration from rest to X MPH, Cam duration centerline lobe separation angle from cam events, Cam timing events from duration and centerline, New valve lift from change in rocker arm ratio, Advance or Retard Timing, Read and display information from *.cam files, or 'C1' files from Cam Doctor or exported from Cam Pro Plus. Convert Airflow to a different depression, weight transfer, center of gravity, ballast placement position and amount, corner weights, percent of weight on each corner/front/rear/left/right, cross weight, cross percentage, lateral acceleration, spring rates, spring movement, spring wheel rates, suspension frequency / cpm / hz, sway bar rates, sway bar movement, sway bar rates, roll stiffness, roll center, roll axis height, roll axis to CG height, roll moment, roll angle, header collector sizing, primary drive, final drive, front sprocket, rear sprocket, converter slippage, 2-stroke port timing, distance, degrees ATDC, duration, boost, transfer, blowdown, dynamic compression ratio, corrected compression ratio, two-stroke, max squish velocity m/s, max squish velocity degrees, squish ratio, squish area, quench / squish clearance, squish volume, bowl diameter, time port open in milliseconds, total port area, port time area, 2-stroke exhaust, single stage diffuser, two (2) stage diffuser, three (3) stage diffuser, expansion chamber, speed of sound, exhaust gas temperature, nitrous jetting, timing retard (degrees), plug heat range change (colder), fuel (gas) jet size, methanol jet size, ethanol jet size, nitrous pressure, specific gravity of gas, analyze flow data, bowl csa, velocity @ bowl, discharge coefficient, Read and display information from *.flw files, and much more. Unit/Metric Conversion. Equivalence Charts.

DFW or FLW Files
A Package of more than 3125 flow files for use with Dyno simulation programs.
I have formatted each cylinder heads information into individual files for use with different versions of DeskTop Dyno, DynoSim, Comp Cams CamQuest program, Dynomation Versions 4 and 5 and Performance Trends Engine Analyzer. The files will be in separate folders for the different engine types. See tree view to left. Download a Sample DFW File for Dynamation 5.0 (.5KB) or a Sample DFW File for Camquest 6.0 (.5KB) or a Sample FLW File (.5KB) or a Sample DFW File for Performance Trends Engine Analyzer PRO v3.9 - Std or Plus v3.4 (.5KB) to see which of these files will work with your simulation software.

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Our Combination Package

Pay Regular Price for carfor logo and get 50% OFF on FLW /DFW files.

Price $137.40 - Add $5.95 USA - $10.95 International for shipping and handling if you want a CD-ROM.   Online Purchasing

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Calculate Size of Carburetor Needed in CFM

Calculate Engine / Piston Peak CFM Demand

Estimate Cam Intake Duration Needed @ 0.050"

Estimate Cam Intake and Exhaust Duration Needed @ 0.050"


Drag Strip Performance

Estimate Quarter Mile Horsepower Requirements from MPH

Estimate Quarter Mile Horsepower Requirements from MPH and ET

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